I enjoy living with and caring for a flock of Icelandic sheep.  The sheep have

access to pasture the majority of the year in addition to regularly being supplemented

with hay and minerals.  Much of the hay is grown here on the farm and the remainder

is locally sourced.

I work with and watch each of my sheep on a daily basis.  General appearance

coupled with correct conformation and structural soundness is paramount.

The sheep are sheared twice a year.  Once in the late winter/early spring (before lambing)

and again in late summer.  Some of the fleeces are processed into roving to be handspun

by myself or offered to other hand spinners. Other fleeces are sold in the raw.

Approximately one half of the lambs born each spring are butchered in the fall and

sold to private parties as whole or half lambs. The rest are either sold as breeding stock

or retained in the flock.

I regularly purchase outside breeding rams with high percentage of A.I. genetics to

effectively attain my breeding goals.



                                       lamb photo

"Silkworm"     BLW  336W

Spotted Moorit   Twin    Born: 4/28/2009

Sire:  BLW  201U     Dam:  BLW  832R  "Beauty"

Silkworm is the last of my Jager Farm sheep that remain in my flock.  She is

a sound, blocky ewe that has substantial bone and very soft fleece.

Silkworm has raised a set of triplets the past two years.

AI Bloodlines:  1/16 each Heli and Flekkur from her dam.  1/8 Mori, 1/16 Kari and some Heli and Serkur from her sire.

"Drucilla"     TCE  532W

Solid Black      Twin   Born: 4/23/2009

Sire: SRX  756L AI         Dam: BLW 120K AI

Drucilla is a granddaughter of both  Heli and Eir.

AI Bloodlines:  1/4 Heli,  1/4 Eir 



 "Olive"    PEX    200X

Black/Gray/Badgerface/Spotted        Twin     Born:  3/26/10

 Sire:   BLW  318W         Dam:  PEX  106W    "Winterfat"

 A twin born to a very growthy 11 month old ewe.   Olive is a stylish ewe that stands out

in my flock.  She is flashy, upstanding, productive, and curious.  Carries moorit.

AI Bloodlines:  1/8 Langidalur,   1/8 Ormur,    1/16  Skjanni







                                                                                                                                                    lamb photo         

"Millicent"     PEX   314Y

Moorit/Badgerface        Single     Born: 4/25/11

Sire: PEX  202X  "Rio"       Dam:  PEX  210X  "Matilda"

Millicent is a wonderful ewe in her prime.  A square, blocky build

with excellent fleece. Her twins the past two years have been

beautiful and fast growing.    Carries spotting.



"Nettle"   PEX  501A

Black/Grey (Homozygous)     Twin     Born: 3/15/13

Sire:  PEX 414Z          Dam: "Saltbush"  PEX 300Y

Nettle is really coming into her own.  As a two year old she is already my largest

framed ewe and has produced 5 ewe lambs.  Triplets as a yearling and twins this

year.  She is linebred on my favorite ewe "Ursula" BLW 203U. (A Langidalur daughter)

"Mulberry"  PEX  601B

Solid  Moorit      Twin     Born: 3/13/14

Sire: "Milkweed"  PEX 505A        Dam: "Millicent" PEX  314Y

Mulberry raised a large set of ewe lambs as a yearling.

"Black Cherry"    PEX  605B

Solid  Black     Triplet        Born:4/4/14

Sire: "Rupert"  TCE  615X         Dam: "Silkworm"  BLW 336W

As a yearling she raised the fastest growing set of twins in the flock.

"Myrrh"     PEX  606B

Black  Mouflon      Triplet      Born: 4/4/14

Sire: "Rupert" TCE  615X       Dam: "Silkworm" BLW 336W

Perhaps my favorite ewe lamb of 2014.  Certainly the most friendly.

"Dixie"   PEX  612B

Black  Spotted       Triplet     Born: 4/10/14

Sire:  "Milkweed"  PEX 505B        Dam: "Drucilla"  TCE  532W

A beautiful and soundly  put together ewe. She raised twins as a yearling.

FOR SALE: $400.  /    $700 with twin ewe lambs at side sired by my AI Skrauti son.

The following ewes I no longer have but continue to have a genetic

influence on my flock.


                                                                                                                                                                                       photo by miriam hall
"Ursula"  BLW  203U
Black/Gray Twin    Born: 4/5/08
Sire: Langidalur (AI)     Dam: BLW  520M  "Chub Chub"

Probably my favorite ewe in the entire flock.  She is sired AI by Langidalur and is the last
daughter born to BLW 520M "Chub Chub" who I greatly admired.  Ursula is an extremely
protective mother and has a thel dense fleece.
AI Bloodlines:  1/2  Langidalur,  1/8 Hunn

Ursula has two granddaughters in the flock.


 "Eunice"       BLW  209U

White     Twin       Born: 4/10/08

Sire:  BLW  138T  ( AI  Langidalur son )       Dam:  BLW  137T  ( AI Hnokki Daughter )

I really admire this ewe.  Calm disposition and a wonderful productive mother.

In the four years that I had her she produced 7 ewe lambs and

2 ram lambs.  (including two sets of triplets)

AI Bloodlines:  1/4 Langidalur   1/4 Hnokki   1/8 Rektor


 Sold  spring 2012




"Winterfat"       PEX    106W

Black/Gray  (homozygous)           Single      Born: 4/14/09

Sire: BLW   275U             Dam: BLW   203U  "Ursula"

Beautiful silvery dapple gray color.   Outstanding combination of muscling and

quality fleece.    She is homozygous gray and will always pass on a gray pattern

gene to her offspring.

Sadly, I lost Winterfat spring 2011 due to injuries sustained from shearing.


AI Bloodlines:   1/4 Langidalur   1/8 Skjanni  1/16 each Hunn and Hynkill




                                                                                                                                                                                lamb photo

 "Willa"            PEX  105W

Black/Gray          Single       Born:  4/13/09

Sire:   BLW  275U            Dam:  BLW  209U  "Eunice"

 Willa was a giant lamb with a gorgous fleece.  She has grown into a long bodied and

large framed beautiful ewe. Very gentle temperment.  Carries moorit and possibly spotting.

 AI Bloodlines:  1/8 Langidalur   1/8 Hnokki  1/8  Skjanni   1/16 each Hynkill and  Rektor

Sold spring 2012     14380   HWY 239   Trinidad, Colorado 81082     (719) 680-4715