Litter born on 8/31/11    4 females/3 males



No puppies available at this time.




                                    Oompa on the lookout                                                                                              Charley with his charge


I presently have a pair of purebred Maremmas.

They are both EXCELLENT working dogs and tend a flock of about

50 Icelandic sheep along with a number of goats and various poultry.

They are best friends and it always makes me happy to see them

playing and working together.


Oompa came to me from Whippoorwill Farm in West Virginia.  Her sire is a

very impressive Italian import named "Abruzzo" owned by Mike and

Karen Simms.  He brings a great new line of Maremma genetics to the U.S.

Oompa has proven herself to be a wonderful working dog. 



                             Oompa as puppy                                                                Oompa                                                      Oompa



                   Charley comes from a line of Maremmas that I have had the good fortune of working with

                    for about 14 years.   At the time of his birth, his dam Tiki dug a hole under the partition

                   that seperated her whelping area from the 100 goats she lived with.  This was the place she

                   preferred to give birth and raise her pups.   Charley had literal contact with the herd before 

                   his eyes ever opened.  This may explain why he prefers to be among his animals rather than

                   on the peripheral as shown in some of the photos below. 

                   Charley has been one of the easiest Maremma puppies I have worked with, displaying little

                   play behavior toward his animals.   He has been a real asset for me and this farm. lO









Pictured above are a few of the Maremmas I worked with while free ranging my

sheep and goats on thousands of acres in the wilds of New Mexico.  The dog in the

middle is "Tiki", dam to Charley.  The dog in the foreground is "Utah", sire to Charley.




Oompa with pups