TCE  645Y

Although I have a flock small enough to require only one breeding ram, I usually have two
or more at any given time as that is what I believe I need to effectively achieve my breeding
goals.  Very few of my ram lambs will be kept for breeding purposes. In order to improve
my flock I will retain only those ram lambs that I consider to be the cream of the crop
or I will purchase a ram from another breeder who I feel will best improve those qualities
that I am striving for.

In choosing a ram for breeding my first consideration is the exceptionality of his dam.
She should stand out among the flock as a ewe that excells in those desirable traits that
I wish to attain in the entire flock.  Secondly, the ram himself should pocess those same
strengths while exhibiting structual soundness and correct conformation.

The lineup of polled rams for the 2015 breeding season

"Rupert"  TCE   615X   

Black  Mouflon     Twin     Born:4/23/2010

Sire:  TCE  512W (AI Mokollur son)   Dam:  TCE 301S

 This ram was my senior flock sire for two years.  He is impressively built and heavily

muscled.  He has a calm and gentle disposition.

Rupert has returned to his breeder and original owner, Alan Leighton, The Creek's Edge.

AI Bloodlines:  Mokollur/Heli/Flekkur/Eir/Askur/Hynkill

"Lazer"    TCE   944B

White   Twin    Born: 4/10/14

Sire:  TCE  849A (AI Sigurfari son)             Dam: TCE  479U

Pictured here at 12 months.  Lazer is a Sigurfari grandson.

He is tall and long bodied with a massive front end on him.

I am very impressed with his lambs this year.

Other A.I. genetics in his background:  Eir,  Ljomi,  Heli

FOR  SALE: $500.  SOLD


"Glacier"    TCE  026C

An  A.I.  Skrauti son  out of an A.I.  Ljomi daughter. Beautiful

group of offspring this year. Consistently long bodied with with strong toplines.

I am quite sure that Glacier is homozygous for moorit.

The following rams I no longer have.

My flock has benefited from their genetics.


 TCE   645Y

White  single   Born:  4/7/2011

Sire:  TCE  603X ( AI "Undri" son)      Dam:  TCE  479U

645Y  looks like he just stepped off the boat from Southram Station.   Very impressive from his head to his hindquarters.

Probably the nicest front end I have seen on an Icelandic sheep.  As far as I am aware he has the only "Undri" genetics

on the west coast.   Apart from "Undri", this ram has what I believe to be some of the most important polled AI genetics

that Icelandic sheep breeders imported to this country early on ( those being  Heli, Flekkur, Eir, Askur ).


     "Bitterroot"    PEX  301Y

Black/Gray/Badgerface     Twin   Born:  3/23/11

Sire: PEX  202X "Rio"           Dam: PEX  106W "Winterfat"

"Bitterroot" is linebred on my favorite ewe "Ursula", an AI Langidalur daughter. He appears to exhibit the best

or her traits.  His twin sister, "Saltbush", had my finest lamb fleece this season (2011).   Black/Gray is my

favorite color/pattern so I am excited to breed him to a number of my gray ewes in hopes of doubling my

pleasure and producing a few homozygous gray lambs.   Carries moorit and spotting.

AI Bloodlines:   1/4 Langidalur

For Sale:   Sold


"Ulysis"    BLW 227U
Black Badgerface Twin   Born:4/19/08
Sire: FFC  363P       Dam: BLW  932S

An array of wonderful individuals in this guys background.  His dam's side includes such
favorites as  BLW 465M "Flash",  STS 839G "Big Girl"  and BLW 801R "Preston" who
was grand champion Icelandic ram at Rhinebeck 2005.   His sire is a grandson of both 
Flekkur and Hynkill.  Carries moorit.

AI Bloodlines:   1/8 Flekkur  1/8 Hynkill  1/8 Dalur  1/8 Arfi  1/16 Buri.



"RIO"     PEX   202X

Black badgerface twin           Born: 3/27/10

Sire: BLW 227U "Ulysis"   Dam: BLW 203U "Ursula"

I am so pleased with this young ram.   He is out of my favorite ewe, "Ursula"  BLW  203U.

and sired by my senior ram, "Ulysis"  BLW  227U.     He has outstanding conformation and

grew at an alarming rate as a lamb.   Even after three months of continuous 90 and 100 degree

temperatures he showed little stress and produced a beautiful fleece.  Carries moorit and spotting.

  He was bred to the majority of the flock in fall 2010.     A Langidalur grandson!

AI Bloodlines:  Langidalur/Flekkur/Hynkill/Dalur/ Arfi



Rio as a young lamb.